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Late Nite FDL: Notes From Iowa

The numbers here tonight on the Democratic side do not tell the true story. If the caucus I went to was any indication, the distribution of delegates (tallied in the percentages) did not reflect just how strong Obama’s support was. I’m hearing that the situation was mirrored across the state, and that if the total number of votes were tallied it actually would’ve meant a double-digit lead for Obama.

In Clinton’s concession speech, she already started hitting the message her campaign will undoubtedly adopt going forward — Obama needed the help of independents and Republicans crossing over to help him, and won’t be able to be as competitive in a closed Democratic primary. Because Democrats should decide who the Democratic nominee will be, after all.

Then Bill Clinton will go on Larry King and say "no matter what happens, it’s good for the Democrats." Because as we learned in the Lamont race, that’s how it works, right?

Not sure where Edwards goes from here. Obama clearly won the "not Hillary" vote.

People wanted change, and their votes were cast based on who they see as best embodying that change. Obama did a great job energizing the youth vote. But the big winner — Huckabee. The Republicans are eating their own livers on Fox news over his route. The success of his underdog populism is gonna shake the GOP to its core.

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