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Cap’n Ron In Iowa

paul-speaks.thumbnail.JPGOnce in this country a white male voter’s feelings toward his fellow humans were between himself and his Grand Wizard. But then FDR came and screwed it up for everybody. For those dreaming of those halcyon days of yore (or better myth), Ron Paul is there for ya’

And today, DeDurkheim from my usual blog and I were at Des Moines University (as was Jane) where future Osteopaths, a few treasonous Chiropractors, a Monkey, a Bear and a what appeared to be Horatio Sanz in a cape, watched Ron Paul lay out his policies of non-governance.

The beginning dealt with Paul’s position on the nation’s health care system. Which can be condensed into getting rid of government’s involvement in things like Medicare – let the market decide totally – and abandoning those evil Sauron worshipping infidels at the FDA who work on keeping food clean and medicine effective. Paul stated he wouldn’t just do this at once, he’d wait a week or so. For the poor, you know those people who pay loads in taxes now, Paul’s solution was easy to grasp, they’d be able to afford those surgeries or treatments through the money they would save NOT paying the taxes they generally do not have to pay already.

How your average heart transplant or liver replacement was going to drop down to be about $399.99 from its current $75k or so he did not say, but it could be the invisible hand of the marketplace – or at least a finger.

From there, and rather tepid applause, Paul went on to a more popular item with the majority of the audience, except perhaps Terry Brandstad the former Republican governor of this fair state, getting out of Iraq NOW. Further, Paul wants to withdraw all American forces from overseas. This is the pitch line that all of us progressives have heard before and it draws a great deal of Paul’s support from the left, at least half-heartedly. Many are trying to make Paul into a right-wing Bobby Kennedy, rather than what he is, a classic libertarian fantasist.

Paul’s strict libertarianism was buttressed by the biggest applause line of the hour. Asked how his position of “guns for everyone” matched up with his pro-life position, Paul uttered the sop of how guns need to be used to preserve life.

Which considering the number of abortion doctors shot over the last thirty years or more was a rather disturbing statement coming from a pediatrician an OB-GYN. But his crowd absolutely lapped it up and roared.

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