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Mitt and Lou Sheldon sitting in an Iowa tree…

Here’s an endorsement I can get behind…the batsh*t crazy professional homo-hater Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC). He is not only backing Mitt Romney, he’s out there stumping for him in Iowa.

The Rev. Lou Sheldon, who heads the Southern California-based Traditional Values Coalition, is a long way from his home state — where he’s generated a lot of controversy related to his links with lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his anti-gay views. But there he was in an Iowa brew pub last night, being introduced by Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to the crowd as a “good friend.”

…Sheldon, given the gracious intro, told voters in Iowa that he’d spent 4 1/2 hours in Romney’s home talking personally with the candidate — and delivered his seal of approval.

“As a Christian minister and evangelical,” Sheldon said he believed that ”this man does have the values that will absolutely give this nation the direction that it needs.”

Sheldon wouldn’t comment to us about his role in Iowa last night.

Lou’s TVC recently made the news for receiving a $25K check from in internet gambling company tied to Abramoff — all those Benjamins convinced Rev. Lou’s crew to lobby against a bill that would restrict online gambling. That’s right, against stopping Satan-inspired entertainment.

That is rich.

But back to Lou’s homosexual obsession. Does Mitt want to be associated as best buds with Lou Sheldon, a man who said this on a radio show with the American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon:

WILDMON: And let me just say one other thing, and we’ll go on to our next caller. And I’m not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist, or a social scientist, or anything like that. But I have heard from people who know and understand these things that two of the most difficult sins or bondage to break out of are alcoholism and homosexuality.

SHELDON: Oh definitely, because the groove is built, and I’ve talked to many psychotherapists who are Christian, and they say once you enter into that lifestyle — Now, you may have gender identity conflict — that’s the medical-scientific name for homosexuality –where you’re attracted to the same-sex person, but once you enter into the culture, into the music, into the gay bars, into the gay literature, into the gay theater, and all of that kind of — and gay travel — once you immerse yourself into that, you have really put yourself into a groove that only a sort of an exorcism can release you from.


Yeah, wow. Or does Mitt think his good friend is on the mark with this observation on the TVC web site, entitled “Homosexual Urban Legends: The Series”:

Homosexuals seldom openly admit that they want to sexually assault children, but their literature and their actions tell another story. In the January 1-8, 2001 issue of The Weekly Standard, author Mary Eberstadt exposed the clear link between homosexual activism and the growing North-American Man- Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) movement.

…Parents are correct to be concerned about homosexuals sexually assaulting their children. The Boy Scouts of America, for example, is right to prohibit homosexuals from membership or leadership positions. It is evident from the statistical evidence and news reports of child molestation cases, that homosexuals pose a clear and present danger to children. Our laws and social policies should protect children, not cater to the whims and sexual desires of sexual predators. We must oppose homosexual activism “for the children’s sake.”

And you don’t need to even imagine what Lou and TVC think about transgender issues. Take a look at a piece of outrageous hateful, juvenile propaganda after the flip.

And what about hate crimes legislation, Mitt? Are you down with Lou on this? You might want to suggest to Lou that he shell out a few bucks for a better artist…

You know what’s weird, even this didn’t stop Lou from jumping on Multiple Choice Mitt’s bandwagon:

Hat tip, Miss Wild Thing.

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