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Why Won’t Conservatives Offer A Serious Critique Of My “Republicans Are Really Stupid” Thesis?

Jonah Goldberg is disappointed that no "serious" progressive is willing to write what he considers to be a thoughtful review of his new book, Liberal Fascism.

Jonah hopes that

…some other liberal actually reads the book and offers a sustained argument against it. Honestly: I would actually like to read such a review. So far the reaction from Lefty blogs has been simply inane or deranged. I am sincerely interested in a serious liberal’s — or leftist’s — argument against what I have to say.

I know how he feels. You see, I’ve been developing this theory for some time now that conservatives are really, really stupid. But, disappointingly, the response on the right has been vapid and intellectually unsatisfying.

I started thinking about this phenomenon when I came across John Stuart Mill’s quote about how most stupid people are conservative. Then I saw this scientific study which demonstrated that liberals are smarter than conservatives. I also observed that conservatives don’t understand modern science, think Saddam planned 9/11, and don’t know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was. And I noticed that the Republicans’ leader, aside from being unable to string together two grammatical sentences, thinks Jesus is a "political philosopher" and didn’t know that Iraq had Sunnis and Shiites. Finally, I discovered Jonah Goldberg’s new book contains this on the jacket cover:

The quintessential liberal fascist isn’t an SS storm trooper; it is a female grade-school teacher with an education degree from Brown or Swarthmore.

So it’s pretty clear that conservatives are really, really stupid. I’ve made this point in good faith, but no serious commentators on the right will offer a sustained argument against it. I’m really interested in what Jonah has to say about my thesis and hope he takes the time to carefully consider my arguments.

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