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Really, Bill? Really?

Chris Cillizza, Fix blogger at The Washington Post Online (WaPo0) provides a little gem from First Laddie-wannabe Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton spent 20 minutes detailing his wife’s record of accomplishments dating to when the two met in law school. "She never picks up a problem that isn’t better when she put it down," he said.

Really, Bill? Really?

Was the problem of helping you select an Attorney General better for her input? Was Zoe Baird better for Hillary having picked her up, then put her down? How about Kimba Wood? Generally speaking, was your search for an Attorney General better for Hillary Clinton having picked it up? Because I recall it created a media narrative about stumbles that carried right into your disastrous confrontation with the military, when you got schooled by Colin Powell over letting gays serve in the military.

You appointed First Lady Hillary Clinton to head the President’s Task Force on Health Care Reform five days after being sworn in as President, Bill. Would you say that problem was better now for Hillary having picked it up in 1993?

How about Senator Hillary Clinton’s proposals that the Federal Trade Commission more strictly regulate video games? Proposals, I might add, that she’s pursued with the likes of Opus Dei Senator Sam Brownback, former Democrat Joe Lieberman and DLC Democrat Evan Bayh in recent holiday shopping seasons. How about her proposal to the Centers for Disease Control that it investigate the impact of electronic media use? Would you say that problem is better now for Hillary having picked it up, or does her recent press release on Joe Lieberman’s letterhead mean she’s not yet put it down?

And speaking of Joe Lieberman — would you say, Bill, that the problem of electing a real Democrat to the United States Senate from Connecticut is better for Hillary having picked it up and sent her strategist Howard Wolfson to the Ned Lamont campaign? Because I don’t recall that problem being solved in a particularly satisfactory way for Hillary’s intervention. Of course, as you helpfully pointed out yourself during that general election campaign, Democrats benefited regardless of which "Democrat" won in Connecticut.

I guess the problems Hillary picks up that get better for her having done so are made even more delicious by your extra help?

Your wife brings unique experience to her campaign for the Presidency, sir, and a perspective no candidate for that office has ever had. But to say that every problem she picks up is better when she puts it down isn’t just campaign rhetoric — it’s an untruth, Mr President. And Americans have had quite enough untruths from the mouths of Presidents, former or current, after the last seven years.

So, please — if your heart’s set on being First Laddie, don’t feed the untruth beast, sir. It’s not worked out well for you in the past and I don’t recommend it going forward.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge