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human evolution – go for it

human evolution – go for it
do you believe in human evolution?
if you’re not a creationist you probably do.
if you believe that humans evolve, are you doing anything to help it along?

evolve yourself consciously–keep evolving
throughout your life as the years go by
you can always keep evolving

what do you want to be?
what does it mean to be evolved as a human?
how is the way I live my life helping my evolution?
i ask myself.

i never quit asking
because lots of people around me are evolving too
and after a while things are really different.

things sure are different for queer people nowadays
than half a century ago – think of it

whoa do I ever like it better now
thankful to have come out in these days
into spaces that queer people have evolved for themselves
for humanity
by evolving themselves
i am so there

i’m thankful for sharing in a collective burst of evolution
it shows me that it’s possible, it can and does really happen
it heals and strengthens me, connects me to others
in a human web of caring and brilliance

it’s the 21st century, let’s act like it already

as evolutionary bursts go
this one is the most fabulous ever

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