31 Dec 2007

Republican Cat Fights and Candor

For weeks, the media has been trying to inflame a good fight between the Democratic candidates, and the best they could muster was the Clintons hinting Obama was a roll of the dice, Obama implying Republicans might oppose Edwards and Clinton and Edwards accusing Clinton of working within a corrupt political system. This is tame stuff compared to the Republican cat fights.

31 Dec 2007


As tragic as Benazir Bhutto’s death is, it is hard to really look at her as the savior of Democracy. After all, now we know her 19-year old son will be her successor, under the guidance of his father, Bhutto’s husband. It is hardly democratic for a political party to be dominated as the province of one family.

30 Dec 2007

Late Late Nite – Remembering Nikki’s BBQ & The Boogaloo

Ivan “Boogaloo Joe” Jones

What’s on your mind tonight?

30 Dec 2007

Sunday Five Brothers Blogging

So many brothers, so little time to Iowa…

30 Dec 2007

Sunday Late Nite: Year-End Ombudsing

For her year-end column, Deborah Howell gave The Washington Post, its owner, editorial page, management, and journalists a jolly good thrashing because she finally wised up to her job description and realized how much she’d let down loyal long-time readers of the paper in 2007.

30 Dec 2007

George is a Genius

After a year with no action by the Democratic majority on Iraq except the writing of more and bigger blank checks, a slate of frontrunners for president who claim they will end the war but actually plan to keep the occupation and talk of “success” in Iraq that only the blindness of our bought-and-paid-for media could buy, I thought we could all use a few laughs.

30 Dec 2007

Iowa Here We Come

In the airport on my way to Des Moines, where Jeralyn Merritt and I will be bringing you the latest dish from the Iowa caucuses. We agreed to arm wrestle for who gets to be Patsy and who gets to be Edina when we get there.

We’ve got press credentials and will be at the Polk Convention Center on the night of January 3rd when real-time numbers will be tallied. If you’d like to contribute to our Iowa trip fund, you can do it here. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated — we couldn’t do it without you.

30 Dec 2007

Lying to Congress before the Torture Tapes

If Mary McCarthy’s allegations about the testimony of a senior CIA official in June 2005 are true, then it seems clear that one purpose of destroying the terror tapes–among many–was to destroy evidence that the official lied to Congress.

30 Dec 2007

FDL Book Salon Year End Wrap

It’s the last FDL Book Salon of the year and it’s been quite an exciting year. Now we’d like to hear from you. What was the best Book Salon? What subjects are most interesting? What would you like to see more of? Ideas?

30 Dec 2007

Mary McCarthy and the Terror Tapes

Remember Mary McCarthy, who was fired from the CIA for allegedly leaking details on European black sites to Dana Priest? This post looks at what details of her firing might reveal about the destruction of the terror tapes.