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The Huckabee School of Political Theater

Huckabee just held a press conference where he announced that he made a negative ad against Romney — Lord forgive him — but at the last minute he decided to turn the other cheek and not broadcast it. But just to show he wasn’t shittin’ y’all, he decided to show it to a few of his closest friends at a press conference that included Tim Russert, Joe Klein, Barbara Comstock and a few hundred journalists and bloggers of varying degrees of notoriety.

The ad attacks Romney for his multitude of ever-changing opinions, his healthcare plan, and just being Mitt.

Campaigns make ads all the time that they don’t air, but they rarely feel compelled to show them to people. But it seems like Camp Huck was answering a question that nobody is asking. Would anybody have asked for proof that the ad had been made, or demanded to see it?

It raises the question — does Huckabee not have enough money to run the ad? Is this a cheap way to get the message out there, and still make a claim to have (*ahem*) clean hands? And while it seems like a good idea right now, if Huckabee does take Iowa, the attacks will start coming from more than just Romney. How many cheeks does Huckabee have?

It should be interesting to see if the beltway press gets played by this, and more interestingly, whether Iowans will actually see this as a sincere effort or a cheap political stunt.

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Jane Hamsher

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