Sure we lose money with every sale, but we make it up in volume

Poor dumb stupid moronic Jonah Goldberg:

Either way, what is really remarkable — and a large source of liberal rage — is that for all the leftwing talk about the discrediting of "neoconservatism" and the hawks of The Weekly Standard stripe, they’re still so influential that when the Times looks for a second conservative columnist it looks to the editor of The Weekly Standard and Brooks’ old boss and colleague. This no doubt says a lot about the narrow prism through which The New York Times views conservatism. But it also says a lot for the enduring success of Kristol and his magazine and the inability of liberals to pelt conservatives from the public stage the way they used to — and the way they desperately still want to.


Aside from Fox, Murdoch’s News Corp owns TV Guide, HarperCollins, 20th Century Fox, the London Times, and the New York Post. Murdoch also bankrolls William Kristol’s neocon mouthpiece the Weekly Standard, which has been losing money ever since it started up in the mid-1990s.

It must be interesting to go through life knowing that the Wingnut Fairy will put money under your pillow every night no matter how many times the invisible hand of the free market gives you the finger. If it weren’t for wingnut welfare Lucianne, Irving, Gertrude, Norman, and Midge would have left their idiot children on a hill somewhere for the wolves to eat.

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