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FDL Book Salon Year End Wrap

It’s the last FDL Book Salon of the year and it’s been quite an exciting year. Through mutual friends at Drinking Liberally, Pachacutec asked if I could help with finding and scheduling the FDL Book Salon. I’ve been here in the background since July working with the authors and hosts.

I was born in Berkeley, California, grew up in Marin County, Black Point if you are familiar with the area. I am happily retired, (at an early age), after 32 years with the federal government. So my writing skills are tending towards the bureaucratic. I was a Security Electronics and Telecommunications Program Manager, for the Federal Bureau of Prisons most of the time. In the 1970’s I worked on nuclear weapon system electronics, ICBM’s, for the US Air Force. I ran inmate crews at Terminal Island in the 1980’s, (a federal prison in Los Angeles – what a name), saw a lot of "bad" public figures come and go. Then had the good luck to come to Washington DC to work in the Headquarters of the FBOP from 1990 to 2005. I did everything from electronics to frequency management (yes, I understand the process of procuring frequencies for the use of the government).

Pach says all this makes me a logistics goddess, but I think he’s just scared of me, what with me running inmate crews and all. But putting the Salons together has been fun!

Our FDL Book Salons this last year covered many author and subjects. Upcoming authors can be found by clicking on the Book Salon tab.

Now I’d like to hear from you. What was the best Book Salon? What subjects are most interesting? What would you like to see more of? Ideas?

Thanks for all the support of the FDL Book Salon – you made it Great!!

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