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Benazir Bhutto— opposition leader of the Pakistan People's Party– was assassinated Thursday after a rally for the Jan. 8th elections. Literally within hours of the news breaking she was being touted as both a “martyr” and a “hero for Democracy.” Many blame President Musharraf himself. There have been accusations of a cover-up (Let's see– there was insufficient security, the government changed it's story on the cause of death, there was no autopsy performed, hmmm). Though the Pakistani government says it has no problem with exuming Bhutto's body to put an end to speculation, there are still concerns.

The candidates responded true to form: Huckabee blissfully ignorant on foreign policy, Guiliani nostaligic for 9/11, Richardson and Obama a bit out of touch, Clinton sisterly. Edwards and McCain were the two who appeared most Presidential: McCain calm, cool and collected; Edwards cauteously dipolmatic.

This is, of course, the last week before the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3rd. Hillary Clinton received an endorsement from the National Black Caucus of State Legislators in Atlanta. Georgia State Representative Calivin Smyre said:

“Hillary is ready to lead this country on her first day in the White House, and her agenda to expand economic and educational opportunities for all Americans will be a welcome change from the last seven years of presidential neglect”

Mitt Romney received anti-endorsements from both the Concord Monitor and New Hampshire's Union-Leader.

Meanwhile, two ministers listed on Barack Obama's website as endorsing his bid for the Presidency have denied that they endorsed his campaign.

And on Friday, President Bush used the “pocket veto” for a defense bill because of provisions for lawsuits against terrorists that he disapproved. Because of the pocket veto, the bill will die on Monday, meaning that troops will only get a 3 percent raise as opposed to the 3.5 percent authorized by the bill Bush rejected.

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