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Romney Not Anti-Gay Enough For Peter LaBarbera

OneNewsNow and The Advocate are reporting that Peter LaBarbera, in his roll as the website founder of, is urging conservative Romney backers to withdraw their support. Apparently:

Mitt RomneyGovernor Romney recently remarked on NBC’s Meet the Press that it “makes sense” at the state level to adopt the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Conservative and Christian groups have ardently opposed such legislation because it grants special protections to employees based on their “actual or perceived sexual orientation.”

…On Meet the Press, Romney told host Tim Russert that although he originally said he would sponsor ENDA at the federal level, he changed his stance because the “policy makes more sense to be evaluated or to be implemented at the state level.”

This, of course, runs afoul of the Religious Right Agenda. Peter LaBarbera said in response to Romney’s Meet the Press comments:

Peter LaBarbera[Romney]’s now openly promoting the homosexual agenda at the state level. I don’t think he can be trusted at the federal level if he’s [promoting gay rights] at the state level … You know, our leaders don’t support candidates who are pro-abortion; why should they support leaders who are pro-homosexual agenda?


If pro-family leaders look the other way while a guy like Mitt Romney [actively and publicly] supports … the homosexual agenda at the state level, it’s only going to erode the respect for pro-family voices within the Republican Party.


Romney may have had a late conversion on abortion, but it appears his ninth-inning flip-flop on homosexuality is falling short due to his strong commitment to ‘gay rights.’

This reminds me a lot of when James Hartline torched Crazy Lou Sheldon for betraying Christianity in 2006 California Governor’s Race. 😛

Seriously though, does any LGBT person in America believe Gov. Romney is “promoting the homosexual agenda” like LaBarbera says Romney is?



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