The Isiah Thomas of War

Bill Kristol receiving the only thing he has ever earned

For some reason that can only be explained by a deeply held belief that someone somewhere is in possession of pictures of Arthur Sulzberger Jr, fucking a chicken, the New York Times has decided to give up some weekly editorial space to Bill "Completely Fucking Wrong Even When He Orders Breakfast" Kristol.

This would be the same Bill Kristol who manages to lose a million dollars a year (via the Weekly Standard) for the New York Post owning Rupert Murdoch, while continually being wrong about everything.

Regarding the thin-lipped, smug, waddling idiot child of Irving and Gertrude who inexplicably landed a gig at Time, David Corn wrote:

In his columns and statements about Iraq, Kristol displayed little judgment or expertise. He was not informing the public; he was whipping it. He turned his wishes into pronouncements and helped move the country to a mismanaged and misguided war that has claimed the lives of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. That’s not journalism.

In an effectively functioning market of opinion-trading, Kristol’s views would be relegated to the bargain basement. And he ought to be doing penance, not penning columns for Time. But — fortunate for him — the world of punditry is a rather imperfect marketplace.

Quite frankly, Bill Kristol has been a miserable failure at everything he has ever done other than getting other people killed. Why he continues to get work outside of the regular wingnut welfare circuit is a major mystery.

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