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“Al Qaeda Did It” — Might Be A Bit Premature

According to McClatchy, the police at Benazir Bhutto’s rally abandoned their posts at some time before the shooting:

Police officers had frisked the 3,000 to 4,000 people attending Thursday’s rally when they entered the park, but as the speakers from Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party droned on, the police abandoned many of their posts. As she drove out through the gate, her main protection appeared to be her own bodyguards, who wore their usual white T-shirts inscribed: "Willing to die for Benazir."


Bhutto’s party had complained repeatedly that the government provided her with inadequate security. She’d narrowly escaped another assassination attempt, at her homecoming parade Oct. 18 in Karachi, which left 140 dead.

CNN is reporting that she wasn’t killed by gunshot or shrapnel, but by hitting the sunroof of her car.

Raw Story:

Whatever the case, Bhutto’s precise cause of death may never be known because of the failure to administer an autopsy. The procedure was not carried out because police and local authorities in Rawalpindi did not request one, according to IBNLive, but the government plans a formal investigation why this was the case.

Musharraf initially blamed her death on unnamed Islamic militants, but Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz told The Associated Press on Friday that "we have the evidence that al-Qaida and the Taliban were behind the suicide attack on Benazir Bhutto."

The DHS and FBI issued a bulletin yesterday saying that Al Quaeda was responsible for the killing. "The official characterized the bulletin as information sharing.’" Well gee thanks for sharing, but as tempting as it is to say "the bogeyman is back," it seems like the details of what happened are far from conclusive.

(h/t Betsy)

Update: Newsweek changes their headline from "Al Qaeda Killed Bhutto" to "Almost Certainly Al Qaeda." O-kay.

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