Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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The bed was made still made twenty minutes before this…

For Christmas the thoughtful and well-meaning mrs tbogg bought me a flashlight that shines both forward and straight down for when I take the boys out after dark, since the sidewalk out front has an assortment of hills and valleys and jump-off spots that are terrific if you’re a skateboarder, but not so much for walking in the dark. The idea being that this will keep me from tripping, falling down, breaking my hip, getting pneumonia, and dying. Unfortunately Beckham has not found it to his liking and freaks out when I use it and he’ll probably pull me over, whereupon I will probably break my hip, get pneumonia, and die.

I guess that is a preferable way to go as opposed to being found dangling from a ceiling beam wearing two wetsuits with a dildo up you butt (at least there will be less giggling at the funeral), but I was kind of leaning towards being found dead in bed with three Hooter’s waitresses.

I am a simple man with simple desires. 

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