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Bush Statement On Bhutto Assassination

President George Bush is set to give a statement/presser at 11:00 am ET.  It’s already well after 11, so things are running late.  Bush is in Crawford, Texas today — and will be making the statement from there, as I understand it.  We’ll cover it live as it happens.  In the meantime, here are a few updates:

Time has some statements from other opposition figures in Pakistan and from scholars in the US who have studied Pakistani politics.

BBC reports that the UN Security Council is in emergency session after the assassination.  Additionally, that there has been substantial carnage at the site of the attack, and that this is a severe blow to stability in that country and in the region at large.

— And Newsweek had an interview with Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations about instability in Pakistan and the uneasy relationship between Bhutto, Musharraf and their respective supporters and detractors.

Soon as the Bush presser begins, I’ll liveblog for everyone as much as I can.

Bush presser/statement begins.

"We send our condolences to the family of Benazir Bhutto, to her friends, and to her supporters.  We send our condolences to the families of others who were killed in today’s violence.  And we send our condolences to all the people of Pakistan on this tragic occasion.

The United States strongly condemns this cowardly act by murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan’s democracy.  Those who committed this crime must be brought to justice. 

Mrs. Bhutto served her nation twice as prime minister, and she knew that her return to Pakistan earlier this year put her life at risk.  Yet she refused to allow assassins to dictate the course of her country.  We stand with the people of Pakistan in their struggle against the forces of terror and extremism.   We urge them to honor Benazir Bhutto’s memory by continuing with the democratic process for which she so bravely gave her life."

That’s the whole of it.  No questions taken.

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