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Want Ads: Looking for Mr. or Ms. Goodbar

Very accurate satire and analysis at Trans Political

Help Wanted: Transgender Political Insider, No Experience Necessary – Will Train!

Need individual with a smiling face and a Can-Do Attitude! Personal Ambition a serious plus! Must take directions well. Must be able to learn public relations marketing from a gay and lesbian perspective (Marketing experience a huge plus) Must like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Gay and Lesbian Equality. Must possess ability and willingness to both raise funds or to be able to attract leads for fundraising for HRC. Can easily substitute a great personal story (author of an autobiography or esp. high-profile job loss, lawsuit or hate crime victim) for fundraising skills.

To be filled: Immediately.

Very competitive salary commensurate with other transgender activist salaries, plus perks! We are an EEOC employer. Only transgendered applicants, preferably white, docile and above-average income need apply.

Takes a good hard look at how Mara Keisling was recruited as the docile tranny flunky to make HRC look good, then she saw through the scam and was dropped… now they need a new tranny flunky in a desperate attempt to salvage their reputation.

HRC has an addiction to meddling in trans affairs, tweaking and steering – sometimes quite heavy-handedly – our community. And it always blows up in their face, and the trans community becomes that much more resentful of them, and they still don’t seem to understand why – or perhaps want to ignore it. Why have a voice when we can have them decide what our voice will be?


Personally, I’m a small-time trans activist who began a couple years ago, deeply skeptical of HRC. I know a prominent trans activist in my area who I worked with in last year’s Commonwealth Coalition, campaigning against the anti-gay-marriage amendment in Virginia. Like me, she believes in and practices LGBT solidarity, even spending more activist energy on gay & lesbian issues than trans. When I asked her about HRC, she told me she believed they were sincerely on our side, so since I liked and trusted her I came around and supported them…

…until they suddenly pulled the rug out from under us in the ENDA affair. Now disillusioned and wiser, I am reading analyses like this one and understanding better how it all went wrong… in preparation for the future. The present situation may not offer a lot of hope, but for now my people are stoking up on something just as vital to the movement: A realistic and thorough assessment of our situation. Trans Political nails it.

Tip of the hat to: Karen H.

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