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Texas Transgender Advocate

Transgender Educational initiative
As proposed by Kelli Busey

The Intent of the Educational Initiative
It is the intent of the Texas Transgender Advocates(TTA)  to work to the ends in a fashion supported and

advocated by Barney Frank to Educate non transgender people on transgender issues.

Group organization
Texas Transgender Advocates is organized and functions  to advocate Transgender inclusion in ENDA

and does not represent group members on any other issues.

Method of performance
It is our wish to initiate  personal conversations and offer an opportunity to  present the history of the Gay,

Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender struggle as it pertains toENDA as of April 2007 and our vision of a 

transgender inclusive ENDA.

Talking points;

A history of of transgender only legislation faulture to return for transgender people.
New York State GENDA

The importance of including transgender people as opposed to incremental gains.

HRC leadership role in influencing the ENDA vote

Barney Frank position regarding transgender inclusion

The Compton riot

The Stonewall riot                                                                                                         

Anticapated results;
Awareness of the HRC membership of the benifits of maintaining the integrity of the history and present

day LBGT community and the importance to the the future..

Location of Educational Initiative
HRC dinner Austin TX January 26 2007

HR2015(ENDA) transgender inclusive

HR3585(ENDA) non transgender inclusive and amendments
HR3586(ENDA) Transgender only



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