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Palm Beach Post: Crist 'not moved' to support FL marriage amendment

Frank Cerabino, in a Palm Beach Post article that all but calls Florida governor Charlie Crist a closet case, points out why the proponents of an amendment that would bans gays and lesbians from marrying are going to have a tough time finding public right-wingers to jump on the hate bandwagon.

Most other states brought out their gay bunker-buster artillery during the George W. Bush midterm election three years ago.

And next year’s election bogeyman has already been booked. We’re supposed to be afraid of that horde of foreign-tongued, brown-skinned invaders from the south who mow our lawns, tar our roofs and clean our toilets for bargain-basement wages.

But Florida, as it is in so many endeavors, is behind the curve. So we’re still dealing with the gay menace, which is apparently a threat to my 27-year marriage.

The movement to place the amendment on the ballot was led by Sunshine State fundies, but it was also bankrolled by the Florida GOP. With that backing, the required number of signatures has been obtained to put the measure on in 2008.

Charlie Crist, who was supportive of the need to discriminate against the state’s gays and lesbians when he was running for governor, has, all of a sudden, found himself withdrawing waffling, seemingly uncomfortable with the idea of taking a firm stand to protect heterosexual civil marriage. I wonder why…

…Three years ago, when the initiative started, Florida had a married governor.

But now we have Charlie Crist, whose one marriage lasted for six months, and who, despite his good looks, position of power and occupancy of a big, empty mansion in Tallahassee, can’t seem to land a steady girlfriend.

He’s no help at all. And even though he signed a petition to support the same-sex-marriage ban while he was running for office, he says he’s not interested in pushing the issue anymore.

It’s not something that moves me,” he said last week.

Maybe what moves him is the possibility of some new information hitting the MSM that could be, well, politically unsavory, who knows?

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