Via Diane at Greatscat, here’s the holiday handiwork of, which sells Jesus action features with a message. Is this what the fundies mean by “Jesus is the reason for the season?” Hmmm. Here’s the “Hang Ten JC”:

Biker Jesus. Surfer Jesus. Skateboarder Jesus. Quarterback Jesus … Even Bullrider Jesus.

Those are just some of the “inspired” creations of Eric Dyson, who claims divine inspiration in his decision to create a line of Jesus action figures.

…And so was born Fishermen, Inc., manufacturing a line of Jesus action figures – complete with a crown of thorns – each representing a different message: Strength (bullrider), Faith (quarterback), Freedom (biker), Hope (panhandler), Victory (soccer star), Peace (hippie), Spirit (surfer) and Youth (skaterboarder).

Each figure sells for between $20 and $30, and is marketed through Christian retail stores.

I wonder if any of the divine profits go to charitable causes?

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding