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Iowa congressman's probing endorsement of Fred Thompson

Steve King (R-Iowa), in his endorsement of Fred08, reveals quite a bit about his presidential assessment techniques.

The GOP lawmaker says the former Tennessee senator is the only candidate who epitomizes the full spectrum of conservative values. In the past few months Steve King (R-Iowa) has had the opportunity to meet personally with all but one of the GOP presidential hopefuls. He says he carefully evaluated each man on issues he considers important for the future destiny of the United States. “I probed them and tested them on the values that I think are important,” King says.

After the face-to-face meeting with presidential hopefuls, King decided to endorse Thompson. “Fred Thompson stood alone on those important destiny issues that have to do with our national security, our border security, our national sovereignty — and [he’s] a man that understands the Constitution,” commends King. “I found strength at every level with Fred Thompson.”

King also believes that “destiny has called” Fred to be the next White House occupant.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding