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Huckabee/Limbaugh Smackdown: Everyone’s A Concern Troll

rush.bmpHaving Huckabee as a contender brings out all kinds of weird Southern tribal shit and dog whistle messaging. I’m not sure I understand all the Southern Baptist smoke signals, but I think I can translate this:

Mike Huckabee, taking questions from reporters after a town hall meeting here, responded to the torrent of criticism that Rush Limbaugh unleashed during his broadcast yesterday by turning the other cheek — and then heaping on the praise.

"I love Rush Limbaugh; I’ve always loved his show," Huckabee assured. "I think he’s been great for the conservative movement."

The former Arkansas governor conceded that he hadn’t sought Limbaugh out to set the record straight — but that he would like to.

"I don’t have his number," Huckabee explained. "If you have it, Jonathan, why don’t you give it to me. I’d love to talk to him."

"Maybe put it on the Web that if he’ll call me, I’d love to visit with him."

Stung by an anonymous Huckabee supporter’s comments to Marc Ambinder that derided the influential talker as taking his cues from the "D.C./Manhattan chattering class," Limbaugh used his Friday show to defend himself.

"I’m part of the Cape Girardeau-Middle America axis," Limbaugh said, alluding to his Missouri hometown.

He called the attacks "Clintonian" and accused Huckabee’s campaign of "trying to dumb down conservatism in order to get it to conform with his record."

You can conjure up those Missouri roots all you want, Rush, but you’ve spent too much time chomping Havana cigars on the golf course with the GOP elite to be considered one of the strawberry-pie-at-Shoney’s crowd.

Huck’s the real deal, and he just called you a fraud. Oh he sugar coated it, but he’s going after your base.

Then you called him a stupid hick. Very bad move.  Southern inferiority complex, etc. etc.

I think you should take the gentleman up on his offer to come on your show.

Repeat after me: "I lahk him. He’s good people."

Now say it like you mean it, Rushbo. And smile.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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