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Hillary Warns Of War With Iran

clintonlieberman160.thumbnail.jpgAnyone have any idea what the hell HRC is talking about here?

"Experience in foreign affairs is critical for ending the war in Iraq, averting war in Iran, negotiating a Middle East peace and dealing with North Korea."

This is just bizarre. Is Hillary saying that military confrontation with Tehran is more likely under Edwards or Obama? Really?

The word "averting" is particularly troublesome, because it implies that war with Iran is a likely outcome. And even the neocons have, to some degree, tempered this kind of reckless rhetoric after the NIE rained on their parade.

Here’s some unsolicited advice for the Senator: instead of attacking her fellow Democrats as incapable of dealing with imaginary wars dreamed up by Norman Podhoretz, Hillary should instead be talking about Afghanistan, and be hammering Bush and the Republicans for failing to achieve victory there — six years after 9/11.

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Blue Texan