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Another round of BS in my divorce,

Yeas, another transsevual being frauduently attacked in the Seminole County Courts.  The same charge for basically the same reason.   I am a transwoman, I have two of the greatest kids I could have.  Although my divorce has been over for a year and a half, it is not over,  This time I am being accused of allienating my daughters from my X. again for the third time, 4 of the childrens psychologists have testified as expert witness, and have stated the problem is my X,and she needs psychological help.  All four Doctors told of the sessions with my daughters.  And all for had to write their findings and present them to the courts.    

 Findings after the jump,  Dr. Kimberly–Lock that woman in a rubber room until she can calm down and not justlash out in anger.

 Dr. Lidkea–Get that woman some help, she has deep anger problems and she is on a short fuse.  and could be dangerous. best to keep the minor children away from Bio-mother.

 Mr. Kellogg—Stacy feels so scared of her birth mother, tha he recomended ending parental rights to protect her.  Courts don’t agree,

 I am told I need another psych eval.  So I did, I am just fine, my only problem was facing these false alligations that she keeps throwing my way.

  Well it came down to the kids testifing in court, and than the judge ruled,  For Stacy, she needs to rewrite a letter that she sent to her mom, no visitation.  With my younger daughter, she was ordered to one supervised visit with my X, so the meeting lasted a full 8 minutes when she felt uncomfortable being in the same room of my X.

 My kids were baker acted, because they fear my X, My X filed out an injunction filled with lies that can be proven. like–>I used to tie my X to the bed for unwanted sex, and would rape her when she wasn’t willing.  Totally a lie, she used to tie me up.

 I will continue later.

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