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The List of Bush Scandals — 60 Ft. Long and Growing

Hugh’s Scroll

Pups, I don’t think it is any secret that I, like so many here, am a huge fan of both Hugh’s List and Bob in Hawaii’s Priming the Pump wiki. I think both of these projects will turn out to be of mammoth importance in maintaining a usable historical record, not only for impeachment and prosecution purposes — should we ever fully restore the rule of law — but for the even more lasting judgment of history.

Well, Hugh’s List has been getting some additional exposure lately and I wanted to take a moment to celebrate that and spread the word.

Edward Teller put a great post up over at Progressive Alaska about printing out and displaying the then 60 foot long scroll of Hugh’s List. It has great photos and is just a terrific idea for getting people to pay attention. One very cool bit of political demonstration. It could be replicated anywhere—and maybe should be?

Of course the list has, ahem, grown a bit since ET did his bit of performance art, so I’m guessing you will need longer paper. *g*

Now Katymine reports that Hugh’s List will be on the radio in the great state of Arizona!

katymine December 19th, 2007 at 7:54 pm 143

If Hugh is still around, I directed our Phoenix Talk show host on 1480 Progressive Radio to your list of Bush Scandals and starting the first of the year he will be addressing one every day next year. He does not have enough business days for the full list.

So, lets give a big Firedoglake round of applause for our own beloved Hugh, Master of Toobz media, Trees media, and now Radio.

BTW folks, two "take aways" from this:

1) Even though we are all spread out — I mean, gosh, folks in Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii fer Christmas’ sake — we have the ability to be force multipliers for each other and can accomplish so much working together.

2) We can replicate this. Just think about how cool it would be if in public spaces all over the country people unfurled a scroll of the list and then handed out little fliers with the web addresses for Hugh’s List, Priming the Pump and info on how to call, email and fax the local Congresscritters. Think of the impact of all those contacts in support of Dodd. What if we could reach people in the streets and activate them as well?

Photo from Edward Teller’s blog progressivealaska

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