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Wingnut Bloggers, Vigilant Guardians Of Media Accuracy, Have Collective Orgasm Over Bogus National Enquirer Story

I’m not going to dignify the subject of the story the wingers are so excited about by mentioning it — or even linking to it here. If you want to know what I’m talking about, just go visit Memeorandum. I would, though, like to point out that the people who fancy themselves the True Champions of Truth in the Media known as the right-wing blogosphere are, as you read this, totally wanking over a National Enquirer story, and spinning all kinds of loony conspiracy theories around it.

People like Glenn Reynolds are linking to this trash. The same Glenn Reynolds who sees dark anti-Bush conspiracies in photographs of Israeli attacks on Lebanon that, OMG!, have obviously fake smoke! The same Glenn Reynolds who wanked for weeks over Jamil Hussein. The same Pavlovian Reynolds, who just a few days ago worked himself into a lather over the phony "conservative assaulted at Princeton!" story. As Greenwald pointed out a while ago, these nutjobs have absolutely zero credibility. And once again, they continue to demonstrate that they love nothing more than fake news, assuming it aligns with their wingnut worldview.

For enduring that rant, you get this unrelated but very bizarre Rudy Christmas video. Is Rudy taking a shot at Huck? It’s just so weird on so many levels. WTF?

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