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The subliminal, the tragic, and the funny

First, a little sad news. The brother of Dennis Kucinich was found dead this afternoon.

Ah yes, it's that time of year again.  Time for Holiday (D) Wishes and Christmas (R) blessings from our presidential candidates. From the subliminal, by the rapist/killer releasing Huckster, the tragic by Edwards, and the stupid funny by Guiliani, the presidential candidates have bestowed their "wishes" upon us (whether we wanted them or not).

Lets start out with the "funny," but of course you be the judge.  First up the media declared front-runner, Hillary Clinton. 


Then there's "fruitcake" and a Santa Claus that can't even believe "America's cross-dressing Mayor."


Poll, and the subliminal, mushy, and tragic after the jump. 

Now we come across the subliminal ad of the Huckster.  See if you can spot the giant crucifix.


Both Barack Obama, and Ron Paul get the mushy awards for their ads.


And John Edwards wishes us all a guilty holiday with this tragic ad.



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