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Chris Lehane Wouldn’t Lie, Now Would He?

lehane_2.jpgWhat do you know. Union busting asshole Chris Lehane…also a bit of a fabricator:

Lehane… says that he’s earned "zero, nada" from the unions and that everything he’s done for them (including helping resolve a cafeteria workers’ health care fight in Los Angeles) was done either at cost or pro bono.

Hmmm….maybe not. Markos:

Lehane was paid $5000 for contracted services in August/September 2007 by Local 99 of the Service Employees International Union. There is another invoice for $5000 for October/November. So that’s actually $2,500 per month for those four months. But in addition to that, he had a $12,000/month ongoing retainer with Change to Win labor federation. So that’s $14,250 per month.

So yeah, he’s a liar. Or has really, really, really high expenses.

Some might call it "lying," others might call it keeping his professional skills sharpened for the work he’s doing for the AMPTP.

The LA City Council is meeting tomorrow about whether to urge the AMPTP and the writers back to the negotiating table. Since the writers never left, I guess it will be more of a private missive to the AMPTP. You can send a message to the LA City Council members here.

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