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Chalk Up Another Lie

The White House has given several versions of when Bush knew about the NIE on Iran’s nuclear program. This includes the rather laughable, but not shocking, claim that in August 2007, Director of National Intelligence McConnell told Bush they had new information on Iran’s nuclear program and Bush did not bother to ask what it was.

But apparently, that position, which simply confirms Bush is a moron, is preferred over the actual reality — that Bush likely knew by February or March 2007 that Iran did not have an active nuclear weapons program.

White House officials have now admitted that George W. Bush was told that the intelligence assessment on a covert Iranian nuclear programme might change last August, but they have avoided answering the question of when the president was first informed about the new intelligence that led to that revised assessment.

Bush would not be denied his warmongering.

It appears that Bush knew there was no reason for his rhetoric when Norm Podhoretz stated he came to the White House and met with Bush for 45 minutes and made the case for Bombing Iran. The meeting was apparently arranged by the White House and was not on Bush’s public schedule.

I’m sure our White House press corps will get right on this.

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