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I once visited Salon, Pandagon, Media Matters, Crooks and Liars, Curve, and others.  Recently, it's just been “Pam's House Blend,” which I've used both badly and well as a diversion from the work that's always dogging me.  I admire Pam and many others here.  The reason that Pam's House Blend is last on my list (of leaving) is because she's first and foremost in lucidity, decency, and civility.  Many Blenders and Blender baristas are her peers.

But I've frittered too many hours, days, and years on the Internet.   And I've been troubled by numbness and tingling in my fingers and legs and since I write for a living, I must limit my hours at a keyboard.  So, I'm leaving the Blend.  I hope, in the consequent vacuum of time, to get out more and get more writing done.  To take long walks as I once did.  To do a few more of my long-planned home and garden projects.  I never thought I had an addictive personality before the Internet, but if I'm not addicted to it, I've lent it too much tug.   

Pam, if you ever want to do a book together, ping or ring me.  I'd love to work with you.    

And to the rest of you, thanks for all you taught me.

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Holly Capote

Holly Capote