For the last few weeks Mitt & Huck, the worst Mark Twain characters of all, have been exchanging mild jabs over the merits of Old World vs. New World Jesus.

But now, Romney has found an object of ever greater veneration than the entire Trinity.

The Chimperor Disgustus.

After Huckabee criticized the Bush Administration for an "arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad", Mitt Romney needed to chip in and defend Bush in a way he’s never defended Brigham Young or Joseph Smith.

Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Romney went even further, saying that Huckabee “went over the line” and “owes the President an apology.” “That’s an insult to the President and Mike Huckabee should apologize to the President,” he said.

Oh man, that will play great with the other 75% of the electorate.

And then it got even better. Ari Fleischer needed to chime in.

“There is much to like about Mike Huckabee. But he will serve Republican primary voters, and our nation, better if he focused his criticisms on the Democrats who will run against our eventual nominee and not on the President who has kept us safe”

Given the many, many, shortcomings of the Democratic Party (and yes, we are all looking at you Harry Reid) this group of Republican candidates remains best the Democrats could ask for.



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