Equus of Lake Winnipesaukee

equus.jpgThe New York Times on Ann Romney:

During her rehabilitation from her initial attack, she took up dressage, going from a novice so weak that she could barely sit in the saddle to a winner of top amateur medals. She sometimes enters professional-level contests, against the advice of her trainer, Jan Ebeling. “She wants to measure herself against the best,” he said.

Dressage is a sport of seven-figure horses and four-figure saddles. The monthly boarding costs are more than most people’s rent. Asked how many dressage horses she owns, Mrs. Romney laughed. “Mitt doesn’t even know the answer to that,” she said. “I’m not going to tell you!”

No one else in the family participates, making it an escape for a woman who has spent her life aiding the men in her family, first at home and then in campaigns. Now they joke about competing with animals for her affections.

Last Christmas, Josh Romney presented his father with a rubber horse mask. “It’s remarkable how much it makes him look like a horse,” the younger Mr. Romney said. Wear the mask, he told his father, and “maybe Mom will pay as much attention to you as she does to the horses.”

It’s going to take an army of Martin Dysarts to straighten this family out.

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