The Judas Kiss-Off

joe-2.jpg To the surprise of no one (Harry Reid excepted) the Connecticut Crapweasle will be endorsing a Republican for President. Showing that he hasn’t a lost his flair for lost causes and politically tone deaf moves, he has chosen to bestow his favors upon John McCain who has already suffered so much in this life.

Does this mean anything? Only if it’s an admission that he sees the writing on the wall of a potential Republican wipe-out in 2008 where Democrats will no longer feel the need to tolerate his presence. Who knows, maybe this is his all-in bet, with an agreement to become McCain’s running mate in the unlikely case that McCain wins the nomination since I can’t imagine any of the other egomaniac nominees agreeing to play second fiddle… with the exception of Mike Huckabee.

Either way, hopefully this will be the last straw for the Democratic party and they’ll boot the malignant little polyp from all committee seats. It’s not like anyone is going to miss him.

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