Sunday Five Brothers Blogging


With the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries looming the Romney Boys are using all of their Moroni-given talents to ensure the DadMitt gets appointed the new President of Magicunderwearistan. In this case, Tagg(uritt) uses his mad crazyeye skillz on Kay Granger from Texas.

Yeah. That’s probably not too unnerving.

Meanwhile Craig "Totally Tom Brady" Romney takes time out from leading to the Patriots to the playoffs and goes all Project Runway (but without teh gey) for DadMitt:

If you inspect my blog posts closely you will notice that my ‘campaign wardrobe’ is fairly limited. I’ve been able to get by on a few wrinkle-free shirts and one suit. I’ve always been a t-shirt and jeans guy, much to the chagrin of my wife. In a desperate attempt to make my everyday wardrobe campaign friendly, I’ve put together some Romney t-shirt designs with my friend Matt.

I too have been chagrined (as well as dismayed, perturbed, and disgruntled) by Craig’s wardrobe. I mean, would it kill him to wear a nice button-down blue oxford cloth shirt and tie while driving the MittMobile from Bumpkin Junction to Chiggersville? Fortunately for Craig, his buddy Matt is quite the graphic artist. The winning design?:

The Che Hey Kid

That’s just one beret away from being a campus revolutionary favorite.

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