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Sucks To Be You, Hil

liebermanandclinton4-26-01.jpgJoe Lieberman, who owes his Senate seat to Republicans who wanted someone more conservative than Lowell Weicker, the principled Rockefeller Republican who sealed Nixon’s doom by backing impeachment, has done it again: He’s screwed another politician named Clinton.

The first time was September 3, 1998. The Republican CoupGate push against Bill Clinton was faltering, as most of America liked the job Bill was doing and didn’t want him removed because of who he did or didn’t diddle. But then Joe Lieberman stepped forward, crying his crocodile tears of condemnation, and bingo! The Republicans got their fake "bipartisan" cover and kept the impeachment drive (aka "Revenge for Nixon") alive for another two years.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Joe Lieberman has repaid Hillary Clinton’s and Harry Reid’s sticking up for him and his committee memberships in the wake of his primary loss to Ned Lamont by — you guessed it — spitting in her face by endorsing John McCain for president.

Obama and Edwards have got to be chuckling right now. They both knew that there was no way in the world that Short Ride Joe would ever endorse either of them, but it was pretty much assumed that Lieberman, who painted himself as a good friend of the Clintons despite his calculated and self-serving betrayal of them, was going to be in Hillary’s camp.

Then again, while this will of course lower Hillary’s credibility with the Village’s Kool Kids, all of whom officially worship Lieberman, it may actually help her with the netroots, if not the Democratic base itself. And maybe, just maybe, this might wean Hillary from following Lieberman’s lead like a puppy dog whenever he touts some neofascist "family friendly" feel-good garbage legislation.

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