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(Apologies; I haven’t been churning out my usual number of posts; I’ve been occupied with flipping paperwork and pre-op tests for the GB removal on the 27th.)

Truth Wins Out videos show the ridiculous world  of ‘Ex-Gay’ therapy

Wayne Besen has new Internet public service announcements up on the nonsense that is ex-gay therapy. This one features Brian Nesbitt, an ex-gay survivor from Dallas, who was told by his reparative therapist to wear a rubber band on his wrist and snap it every time he saw a guy he was attracted to. The lamest possible aversion therapy. It didn’t work, btw.

A fundie smackdown video is below the fold.‘Smak Dem Christians Down’

Blender Fritz sent along this video from his friend, singer-songwriter Jay Spears, who skewers the theocrats and sexual hypocrites in this video,  “Smak Dem Christians Down.” You’ll see Honest Abe, the founding fathers, and the Warren Court taking on symbols of our friends on the fringe who want to merge church and state. Take a look and weigh in.

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Pam Spaulding