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I’m supposed to be in Philly right now. Me and mr. emptywheel and McCaffrey the MilleniaLab were supposed to pile into the new Honda Fit and drive to Philly for an early Christmas celebration with the family. Only, for a variety of reasons, it didn’t happen. And the fallback plan–to leave tomorrow and drive without mr. emptywheel–well, that’s forecast to get buried under 10 inches of snow tonight.

But in preparation for this mythical trip to Philly, I recruited someone to post for me on my driving days. It was a pretty easy decision, really. When I meet TNH/emptywheel people in person, they tend to rave about bmaz. So I thought I’d give him the keys to the front page while I’m gone.

And no way to get him up to speed on the controls of this thing then to have him do the new official weekly Football Trash Talk thread–since bmaz can trash talk with the best of them. Except for maybe Brett Favre.

So look for bmaz to post that in the next couple of hours (he keeps telling me there’s a game this evening on some "NFL Network" that I’ve never heard of). I’ll be around for trash talk today and (if the snow does come as expected) tomorrow. But be nice to bmaz while I’m gone. Well, at least as nice as you would be anyway.

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