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Wyoming Democratic Chair, Obama Delegate Savages Hillary Clinton

millinmug_0thumbnail.thumbnail.jpgWyoming Democratic Chair (and pledged Obama superdelegate) John Millin goes all concern troll over Hillary Clinton:

Democrats in Wyoming are in a position to make huge gains this election cycle…All of this progress will be completely reversed if Hillary Clinton is our party’s presidential nominee. For reasons I don’t agree with and don’t completely understand, most voters in Wyoming seem to hate Hilllary Clinton.

Gee, that wouldn’t have anything to do with fifteen years of 24/7 sexist claptrap being spouted by right wing gassbags like Rush Limbaugh, would it? But somehow, Millin just can’t seem to put his finger on why that is. Her negatives aren’t high because a bunch of angry white men hate her, it’s all the result of some unfathomable je ne sais quoi.

If Barack Obama is the democratic presidential nominee, we will be the party of new ideas that understands that a united America will be much better able to address the serious problems facing our country than a divided America. If Hillary Clinton is our party’s nominee, every democratic candidate in Wyoming will be painted with that same liberal, big government brush. We will also be the target of the locker room jokes that rightfully belong to Bill Clinton.

Well we can’t have that, now can we. Hillary Clinton will "divide America" — because the wingnuts hate her. I guess that settles it right there. If we get rid of Hillary we can all just cuddle up by the fire with a nice bottle of chianti and whisper sweet nothings with Michael Savage.


Some people feel that the basis of this argument is really that we can’t support Mrs. Clinton because she is a woman. This is simply not true. Wyoming has a long history of supporting women in government and politics…Our opposition to Hillary Clinton is not based on her being a woman, it is based on the fact that her nomination will kill the chances of many democratic candidates around the state.

"Our opposition." I guess he speaks for all Wyoming here. For the good of Millin and his buddies, who don’t want to be the butt of locker room jokes, she better step down now.

While I don’t agree with this view of Mrs. Clinton, I have to accept that this is the truth. It has become the dirty little secret in the Democratic Party.

Well he doesn’t agree with it, and some of his best friends are women, but gosh darn it everyone agrees with him…even though he doesn’t think it himself… and that kind of makes him, you know, a truth teller and all. Unafraid to say what others just won’t, out of an abundance of concern.

Kinda like Bill Shaheen.

Millin tells his inspirational story about catching Obama fever:

I was lucky enough to have gone to the 2004 (Democatic) National Convention in Boston. And I think I was like most people in the room that night, when you listened to [Obama’s keynote] speech, you thought, ‘Oh my God, this guy should be president.’ So that’s probably really where it began.

Yet, when you listened to the contents of the speech, much of what he said he could have actually delivered at the Republican National Convention.

Really. Well, fancy that.

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