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Late Late Nite – Cherry Pickin’

All cherries and no pits this week made for a a tough day of cobbling together firedogs favorite protest bings, as we jam down to the finale’. Here’s what we have tonight in no particular order.

Current Events:

Pink– Dear Mr President

Neil Young– Let’s Impeach The President

Dixie Chicks– Not ready To Make Nice

Best 60’s Rock:

Buffalo Springfield– For What It’s Worth

Country Joe And The Fish– Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag

Best Solo Song:

Gil Scott Heron– The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Bob Dylan– Blowing In The Wind

As we fritter over FISA news and other disappointments tonight, remember in your comments to vote late late and vote often!

Special thoughts tonight for FDL’s own spin-master, Fini Finito, who could use a note of encouragement, if you didn’t already know.

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