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Late Nite: Voters Boot Out Pro-Blackwater Board

Voters in Potrero CA ejected all 5 pro-Blackwater members of the planning board Tuesday. Local opposition to the proposed private military training camp produced a 59% turnout that booted out the incumbents by significant margins.

If you’re looking for job security, this board ain’t it. Another three of the nine members were dismissed earlier when it became known they had been improperly appointed, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. The ninth member opposes the training camp.

But don’t be looking for used jackboots on ebay just yet, the big vote is still a year away, when the county Board of Supervisors makes their decision.

Blackwater VP Brian Bonflglio commented on this exercise in democracy with customary sensitivity for community relations:

“I don’t care one way or the other,”

And God forbid the voters should have a say in the matter:

“I feel bad that people that I believe were serving the community were removed based on political influences,” Bonfiglio said. [egr bold]

Juls has the background in this Kos diary:

It was the nation’s first ever electoral vote on Blackwater and it was a massive people-powered grassroots victory over the mercenaries. Every "stop Blackwater" candidate won by at least 63%…. [snip]

It is also a blistering statement by a very conservative town to reject the Bush world view. Our nation is not better served by having a privatized Army. There is nothing pro-troop about supporting Blackwater.

Refresh my memory here, Blackwater is fighting for the American way and democracy? Seems they just can’t be bothered with actual pesky voters.

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