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Homofabulous headline of the day

I went over to WND looking for more bizarre homo-obsessive “news” the other day and captured this juicy banner headline:

Homosexodus!? Are these folks trying to look crazy on purpose? At this point the juiced-up hysteria becomes comical. If you click over to the actual article by Bob Unruh, the humor over California’s passage of — and the Governator’s John Hancock on — S.B. 777, the California Student Civil Rights Act, an amendment to the existing anti-discrimination laws covering educational institutions that will now include “sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that is contained in the definition of hate crimes set forth in Section 422.55 of the Penal Code“.

The hysteria is below the fold.Unruh:

On the heels of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature on S.B. 777, which opponents describe as a homosexual indoctrination plan for education districts, a pro-homosexual lobbying organization in California has launched its campaign to infuse a “gay” influence into public school curricula.

The Gay Straight Alliance recently forwarded an e-mail to its California chapters with information on how to make sure homosexuality is taught in the state’s schools, and warned that having students and parents simply “tolerate” homosexuality simply is not enough.

“In many schools, learning about LGBTQ issues takes the form of very necessary tolerance education where students are educated about the importance of not discriminating against each other,” according to GSA documents.

…Karen England, a spokeswoman for Capital Resource Institute who publicized the GSA campaign and is a primary organizer behind the Save Our Kids plan to put the issue before voters and ask them to reject it, said this is exactly what she expected of those who wish to promote the homosexual lifestyle.

The homosexual lobby is active and ambitious. They already have GSA units in many California schools that will oversee the implementation of SB 777,” England said. “As evidenced in the GSA e-mail, their agenda is inclusion in school instruction and activities, regardless of their public assertions of ‘streamlining’ anti-discrimination policies in the law.”

She said the GSA “guide” to be used tells students “that insisting on LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) history in school instruction ‘helps to create schools where students feel safer and more supported.'”

So learning about gay figures in history or literature will result in what — mass homo-conversion?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding