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Aww, isn’t that…vile

Protect your keyboards whether or not you're eating or drinking.

The following comes to us from the National Republican Senatorial Committee. 


To wash the bad tase out of your mouths, the take from Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 website.

Well, now that we've passed the Christmas un-cheer on to you, here's a few of our reactions…

  • Why did you trick me into watching this?
  • I'm so sad now.
  • It's like Christmas has been cancelled because Baby Jesus has AIDS.
  • I feel like I just watched Rudolph getting run over by a truck full of chemicals.
  • Dear God, I wish you existed so you could destroy humanity with an asteroid. We're a failed experiment.

As was obvious with Faux News' "Half Hour Comedy Hour" and every other attempt at humor by conservatives that they just don't know how to be funny or factual.  Blenders, can you come up with anything better?

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