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Upcoming holiday slicing and dicing of the blogmistress

It's the most wonderful time of the year…NOT.

Too much information is below the fold. Squeamish need not click.

As some of you may recall, I paid a little visit to the ER the other week, and this week I confirmed my need for some surgery to separate me from my diseased gall bladder (the green thing at left, sitting near the liver).

I went for my surgical consult this AM for the cholecystectomy since the damn organ has been causing a fair amount of pain for some time, and I've had abnormally elevated liver enzymes for some time now and running a lowish grade (100.5) fever off and on for 6 weeks now.

It's surprising that I don't look as low-energy and uncomfortable as I felt in those pix from over the weekend. Then again, I have a pretty high tolerance for pain as I've driven myself to the ER twice when having a kidney stone attack (anyone who has had one will tell you the pain from a kidney stone can be worse than childbirth).

In any case, the main issue concern was whether it would be laproscopic or open surgery. Thankfully, only about 2% of patients end up in open surgery, which involves more slicing and dicing, and accordingly, hospitalization and recovery time between the two are quite significant. But that decision to switch to open surgery only happens while they are working on you, but it's a risk mentioned up front.

So I'll be in the hospital overnight if it's not open surgery and there are no complications, and go home the next day. I will be off from work about 2 weeks (I have other pre-existing factors that will make my recovery a bit slower than normal), but will likely be stir crazy after a couple of days, if my past holds.

My date with the scalpel is December 27, so Kate and I will be heading back to Durham earlier than expected from our holiday down in Birmingham to get back in time for the surgery.

I don't think I'll get to blog from the hospital (hey, I was crazy enough to keep an online kidney stone diary back in 2001), but I'll probably get online as soon as I'm home and able to blather on. I'm sure the stable of Blend contributors will keep you entertained and informed while I'm out cold.

I could think of better things to do during the holidays, but alas, I want this f*cker out of me now so I can feel normal again.

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