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“There Is No Democratic Party in Congress”

Just shoot me. Really, just put me out of my misery. This morning I quoted Hitchens approvingly, and now…on the heels of Nancy Pelosi’s cave on the spending bill…Red State:

Our oh-so-powerful Senate Majority Leader has been no-doubt looking at his numbers lately, and they aren’t good (H/T: Q&O). Shoot, they aren’t even bad. If Reid wants to be a Senator in January 2011, let alone either the Majority or Minority Leader, he needs to get those numbers up, starting now. That means earmarks, and never mind all that nonsense that the Democrats spouted off about how they were going to stop with the pork. That was only agitprop to rope in more campaign contributions: nobody with the brains that God gave a goose actually believed it, right? Something related for the House Committee chairmen – except that in their case they’re more worried about how embarrassing it’d be for them, personally, to not get anything done. Because while you can do quite well for yourself – perfectly legally! – as an appropriations chair, you need to be actually able to pass appropriations.

Let me put this in very stark terms: there is no Democratic Party in Congress. There are, instead, a bare majority of Congressmen and Senators who have banded together in order to gather power, influence, and money. Which is fine, as far as it goes – except that they are not actually using any of the resources that they are gathering to benefit the groups and causes who worked to put them in power. At best they are operating under terms of enlightened self-interest, albeit a very small-minded version of it: they are keeping their geographical constituents as sweet as is necessary to ensure re-election. And the Republicans know all of this, and will use this knowledge to pass the bills that we feel the country needs to thrive. And all of this is why 2007 was such a horrible legislative year for the progressive movement – and why 2008 will be no better for them.

I suspect that some will be distressed by the preceding paragraph. To those people, I offer the question:

What makes you think that anybody that matters, also cares?

I have nothing to add to this. He’s absolutely right.

Chris Dodd for Majority Leader.

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Jane Hamsher

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