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Late Late Nite: We Fight Back II

Last night firedogs gathered ’round the virtual campfire, submitting well over a hundred classic songs of protest. The entire thread is worth bookmarking as a jukebox play-list for days and months ahead when your protesting spirit needs a little charge.

In times like this folks tend to ask, where are the new protest songs? I think they are in the streets, clubs, and bars now, hopefully universities too. Like Gil Scott Heron sings, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (hat tip Mommybrain). I found one current clip worth watching of the WGA strike in action: Union Song – Tom Morello at WGA Rally.

So tonight, please continue submitting any favorites or lessor known songs of protest as we Fight Back in song. Tell us which songs you heard last night that remained in your head today. We are working towards a nearly impossible task of listing our firedog favorites soon.

As always, feel free to chime in with snark, news, or whatever else might be on your mind.

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