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. Rove says Romney’s Sermon on the Mount was "a very good speech." Since Mitt’s dog-whistle message to evangelicals that they have the same enemies (atheists and brown people) is straight out of Rove’s playbook, no surprise here. But coming from the man who took Bush from 85% to 25% JAR, Willard’s probably doomed.

. Hillary Clinton’s surrogate New Hampshire co-chair Bill Shaheen basically calls Obama a drug dealer. Of course, Clinton knew nothing about it (*cough*).

. In an undoubtedly completely unrelated article, Drudgico dredges up an old Obama questionaire and wonders if he’s "too liberal" to be electable. Since Hillary is embracing Joe Lieberman and doing her turn as culture warrior scold, this will obviously not be a problem for her.

. Drudgico then wonders if Rudy will have a problem running his campaign if Hillary slips in the polls. Because, you know, the guy who is basically replaying the southern strategy would have a real problem running against Obama.

. Rudy defends himself on shag fund at the Iowa debate today, saying "All that information was available, and known to people, known six years ago." There’s some kind of shelf life on being an asshole I guess we should all be aware of.

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