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Does God have nostrils?

The Bible says that we're made in God's image.  Let's assume that the Bible is the inerrant word of God (I don't believe this, but many people do, and assuming this floats my coming considerations.).  If the Bible is the inerrant word of God and if we're made in God's image, does God have nostrils?  A funny bum like the rest of us?  Snot?  Eye boogers in the morning?  A gall bladder?

Or are we like God in other ways?  Perhaps the similarities are in our proclivities.  Perhaps God is infallible like us.  The Old Testament gives numerous examples of God being blindsided, such as selecting Satan as his BFF (best friend forever) and then Satan devolves into His frenemy (friend/enemy), who subsequently serves as a handy tool in banning Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  So, if God shares our fallibility, maybe he shares our other failings, such as…the desire to be worshipped.

Churches are called houses of worship.  People say that they gather to worship God.  But what is never questioned is why we assume that God is an infinite sponge, not just soaking up more worship, but craving evermore. 

We talk about God's infinite authority and certainly there are those who had great, mortal, earthly authority and who craved worship, such as Stalin and Mao.  Had you traveled in their lifetimes across their countries, you would have seen their graven and printed images everywhere.  They wanted to be worshipped, as does Paris Hilton, but such unfettered craving isn't just unhealthy.  It's dangerous.  Mao and Stalin were able to kill millions because of worship.  And mold is a better role model for young women than the vacuous, vain Hilton. 

I was once a teacher.  In that role, I elicited love.  My students loved me.  I loved them.  What I didn't elicit or want was worship.  Had my students worshipped me, it would have handicapped our relationship.  It would have crippled my efficacy.  My role was to teach them, to empower them to be independent, not to cage them in eternal dependency on their misperception of my infallibility.  Perceiving someone as infallible suggests an infantile relationship with authority.  When we're very young, we believe that our daddy is the bestest daddy in the whole wide world, but as age, we realize that our daddies are just our dearly beloved bumblers.

However, too many employ worshipping God with alleged impunity, as if it doesn't nourish an infantile relationship with God, which brings me back to divine nostrils.  If God doesn't have nostrils, as we do, then what traits do we share (if there is a God)? 

The Bible informs that we share fallibility: Again, God buddied up with Satan.  And God planted the wrong tree in the wrong place, the Garden of Eden.  The Bible doesn't state it, but it follows that God invented hemroids in those 7 days.  So, God errs.  And folks of faith also err in worshipping, which perpetuates their childhoods, and groups God with Paris Hilton and Mao: yet another worship sponge.  It also makes the worshipper susceptible to worshipping incompetent people, such as Bush.  The 20something percent that still support their president and just-never-you-mind-that-Bush-has-killed-hundreds-of-thousands-and crippled-America-for-decades-due-to-debt are merely replaying their worship of God, a worship that is irrespective of data.         

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Holly Capote

Holly Capote