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Gun Counter Gomer, intrepid PJM Cub Reporter and Mall of America Survivalist is on the Jamie Leigh Jones case:

Bob Owens takes a close look at the allegations of a gang rape in Iraq’s Green Zone in 2005 by employees of KBR, and finds some omissions and inconsistencies in the ABC News scoop.

As always, CY Bob isn’t really interested in the facts of the matter, he’s looking to kick some MSM butt for not crossing their i’s and dotting their t’s. And he’ll do it all without leaving the comfort of his Super Sekret He-Man MSM Hating Clubhouse & Gunroom.

Here he nibbles on an interesting tidbit:

A third claim made in The Blotter is that in the wake of the alleged rape, Jones was, “…held in the shipping container for at least 24 hours without food or water by KBR…”

Shipping containers typically found in Iraq (and elsewhere) are either 20’ or 40’ steel and aluminum boxes with little to no ventilation. On the days Jones was confined by KBR (July 29-30, 2005), the mean average temperature was 100-degrees, with air temperatures over 110 degrees for 6 hours straight both afternoons. It seems implausible that a person would survive such conditions without adequate food and water.

In the very near future there will be an "incredible simulation" involving Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Barbie and a Weber grill.

In the process a little girls heart will be broken, a trip to Toys-R-Us will be made, and a lecture on the sacrifices Americans must make in the War on Islamobarbequism will be met with an icy glare from Mrs. Gomer.

War is hell.

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