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“Wide Stance” Larry Craig’s Glory Days

John Aravosis has a podcast interview with David Phillips, who claims he had sex with Larry Craig over twenty years ago:

Well my story comes from 1986, when I met Larry Craig at the Follies…during its lifetime, it was a gay theater that had stripper performances and also a rather festive backroom glory hole area…I was 21 years old….

There was no alcohol, it was really just a sex venue when you got right down to it. You went there and you watched porno, you watched strippers, and you went off to some dark corner and you had sex.

Larry Craig was attentive to me, he was very charming. We snuggled, groped…wasn’t in to discussing his life, just his desire to do something a little more with me…

I followed this man back to Capitol Hill, he took a cab and I followed behind…

After the oral sex it was clear he wanted to top me, and disappears and comes back with a condom and not ordinary lube but lotion….

You can listen to the entire podcast, which Aravosis had to give the "explicit" ratings on iTunes. Craig’s endearments allegedly included stuffing a $20 bill down David’s back pocket and saying "remember I can buy and sell your ass a thousand times."

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