384240795_741229f03f_m.jpgUp ’till now, the two favorite wingnut talking points about waterboarding have been a) "President Bush says we don’t torture; therefore, waterboarding isn’t torture!" and b) "Why, of course waterboarding isn’t torture! I mean, it’s just pouring a little water on someone!"

Well, they’re both officially dead:

A leader of the CIA team that captured the first major al Qaeda figure, Abu Zubaydah, says subjecting him to waterboarding was torture but necessary.

But the authoritarian cultists see an opening! The guy said it was necessary — so we’re all good!

Hey, "it’s an ugly war." The people who keep us safe have to do bad shit sometimes, argues Jules Crittenden.

After all, it’s only 35 seconds shruggs K-Lo.

And if this Congress outlaws waterboarding, innocent people will die! warns Ed Morrissey, apparently unaware that torture is already illegal in the United States. Oy.

I think the ’08 RNC just found their slogan: "By any means necessary."

Blue Texan

Blue Texan